Luckily I happened to be in the right spot for crab meat this morning!  The Chesapeake Bay is know for its Blue Crab, its considered some of the best crab meat in the country.  Maryland is famous for their crab cakes.  So while in Columbia County this morning, just miles outside Baltimore, I got a crab cake from G&M Restaurant.  G&M has been ranked number one in crab cakes several years in a row by Howard County Magazine.  They have an uncooked crab cake you can buy with instructions to prepare yourself for travelers like me who want the fresh cooked taste after transporting the food miles away.  Here is the crab cake before it is cooked:

and here is is after:

It was delicious!  The crab was so light and fresh, with a nice filling flavor.  The spices were the perfect blend and not too over powering.  A delicious and perfect way to celebrate National Crab Meat Day!

Blue Crab is one of the most common crabs used in recipes.  It is very popular in Maryland, and even The State Crustacean.  In Maryland and all along the Chesapeake Bay, crab festivals are celebrated every year.  A day dedicated to the consumption of the plentiful crab in the Bay’s shores.  Marylander’s take their Blue Crab seriously.  While I was there this week I saw this on the back of someone’s truck: