Again, I have no source for this other than wikipedia saying is began in 2019. But I’m including this one because I’m intrigued about eating the options.

The Mongolian dish Banshtai Tsai is translated as ‘milk tea with dumplings’, and is described as a hot salty tea with milk dumplings. And is the cure all comfort food for when you’re sick. In 2019 the dish was included in the UNESCO list of sustainable food recipes, giving the meal cultural protection.

I am somehow imagining this is where the wikipedia post came from? But it could all be random. Either way I wanted to try the meal. The closest Mongolian enclave to me is in Arlington, Virginia 5 hours away. I considered driving down for a day to get take out soup, but then reminded myself how I was doing a more relaxed version of food holidays this year, and I decided to celebrate with a milk tea and an order of dumplings for today. But as soon as I can get down there, I will try Banshtai Tsai!