My favorite food group… perhaps my favorite day of the year?  Although in my life, everyday is sandwich day.

Happy Birthday to John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.

I’m looking through pictures of my favorite NYC sandwiches and how perfect they would be today, and how pretty much nothing else in the world compares to them.  As tempted as I am to head to the city today for sandwiches  I’ll be doing a Rockland County tour of Sandwiches… and probably just homemade ones at that.
I had two left over Deviled Eggs from yesterday smashed onto some crusty French Bread for Breakfast/Lunch as my first sandwich of the day.  What I really want is some delicious well balanced sandwich from Uncle Gerry.  Perhaps pork loin or a homemade sausgae with vegetables and manchego cheese.  That poor burned bridge.