To celebrate I figured I would be vegetarian for the day.  A seemingly simple task for someone like me.  Vegetables may be one of my favorite food groups, and although I do like meat I can easily be satisfied going a day with out any.  I couldn’t believe how many obstacles came int my way.  I was in the city all day so i figured I would have something delicious.  As I set out for lunch the first thing I ran into was a street fair- All summer I had been dreaming of going to an NYC Street fair and eating a Sausage and Peppers.  These past few weeks more than ever hearing so much about the San Genaro Festival.  As fall has been coming in Ive slowly been checking off many things from my Summer goal list, today would have been the perfect opportunity to tackle the sausage/st fair dream.  But with veggies on the mind I power walked through the fair with blinders on.  Next came the Waffle and Dinges stand.  I had been WAITING to go to the city and get their pulled pork sandwich…  These are all really silly and minor though.  Although, if you know me you know how badly I wanted to eat them.  I finally settled on some of Mamoun’s Falafel for lunch.

Later, for Dinner I order Pizza which I thought had no meat in it, but there was little tiny pieces of prosciutto.  I ate it, I wasn’t going to waste a pizza pie…. One day as a vegetarian and I failed.  Just can’t catch a break!