I’ve read that some believe Quiche began as a dish from Germany and moved to France over the ages.  Quiche Lorraine seems to have history that dates back to Medivel Times in the French country side… so I don’t know how long ago Germany is taking the claim for originating Quiche.  Quiche does hail from the Lorraine region of France though, which is very close to Germany.  So it is quite probable there are some German influences in the preparation of the dish. [ I’ve read that the area of Lorraine used to be under German rule before the French claimed it during the Medivel Times.  The area was called Lothringen.  Quiche came from the word kuchen, meaning cake and it was an open pie filled with egg, cream, and smoked lardons.]

Quiche Lorraine consists of Eggs, Milk, and lardons (although its speculated the very first Quiche Lorraines contained no meat a all).  Cheese was not one of the original ingredients in Quiche Lorraine, but is often added to the mix in recent times.  Today Quiche Lorraine is most popular in the Southern Region of France.  It is a lighter meal, and does well with the diet in the warmer weather in this area.  Todays Quiche also uses a much puffier, lighter crust than its ancestors.  A more bready dough was used in original Quiche. – If cheese is added to your modern Quiche it is usually Gruyere.

For as long as I can remember, we have had a baking dish with a recipe for Quiche Lorraine on the base.  I figured to celebrate some family history, I would finally make that recipe and make my memories of this dish come to life… It was DELICIOUS, one of the lightest, tastiest Quiches I’ve ever tasted.  I love Quiche!