Coquilles is French for Scallops.  A direct translation of this meal would be Saint Jame’s Scallops.  And although there is a famous recipe for Coquilles St. Jacques consisting of scallops, a butter-cream sauce, mushrooms and cheese in a scallop shell, the term can also simply just stand for scallops themselves.  The scallop shell is the emblem of St. James the Greater, and in older times a scallop prepared in a French style was referred to as Coquilles [Scallop] St. Jacques.  The popular dish involving cream and cheese was just one of the many variations of Coquilles.  There is no set date to its origin since the recipe can have a lot of variations.

The dish is traditionally served ON a scallop shell.  But I figured a modification for the year 2011 could be just baking it in a ramekin.  And it worked well!  This recipe was DELICIOUS! I wish I had wrote down what I put in and how much of it so I could recreate the meal.  I’m not a fan of scallops, but I was just so taken back by how delicious this meal is.  A common way to serve it is on a bed of mashed potatoes.