My favorite beverage hands down in water.  But we already had a National Water Day, so I had to do something else.  At the 11th hour I decided it would be cool to try one of every beverage.  I found a government website that broke up beverage types into Milk, Water, Soft Drinks, Tea Coffee and Cocoa, and Alcoholic Beverages.  [The tea coffee and cocoa was one category.]  I suppose soft drinks here includes juices, sodas, juice drinks, lemonades, iced teas, energy drinks, sports drinks, flavoured waters etc.   My favorite juice is Orange, but I also just had that recently.  My favorite soda is Creme Soda, but I don’t like to drink soda.  I didn’t need tea or coffee that late at night.  So instead of having the grand day of only consuming beverages that I probably should have had, I just did a nice grocery store tour.  I walked around Shop Rite checking out all the beverages they offered, and finally settled on just one beverage to buy and consume.  Not my favorite beverage, just something to mark the night.  It was a toss up between Snapple and the new flavour of Vitamin Water.  I like snapples, and I hate Vitamin Water.  But I’m a sucker for anything new.  So I went with the Vitamin Water – Blue Agave Passion Fruit Citrus.

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Some brief histories on our favorite beverages:

Alcoholic beverages date back as long as man.  Evidence of intentionally fermented beverages dat back to the Neolithic period.  However the modern era of beer brewing could not begin until after the invention of commercial refridgeration, automatic bottling, and pasteurization.

Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. (Anything else is a misnomer).  It was created by French monks.

Coca Cola invented by John Pemberton in the late 1800’s and was first sold May 8, 1886 out of of a soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy, Atlanta.  The Coke logo was scripted casually by Pemberton’s accountant frank Robinson.

Here is more information, and where I copied mine from: