Cinco de Mayo Foods Day or Enchilada Day?  I’m not entirely sure.  I think people just needed something Mexican to go with the holiday… In any case I went out for Cinco de Mayo with some friends and of course ordered Enchiladas!

The Enchilada dates back to the time of the Mayans and Aztecs.  Mayans invented the tortilla.  Aztecs would wrap the tortilla around fish or meat… the early predecessor to the enchilada.  The word Enchilada means “chili filled” , an Enchilada is simply a tortilla that has been dipped in chili the stuffed with cheese, beans, and meat or spinach.  They were very popular with these ancient civilizations and continued to remain popular straight through to modern day Mexico.  These enchiladas were simple and crunchy.  They were originally a vendor food you could easily get on the street.  The enchilada has evolved to be a tortilla stuffed with chicken, cheese, beans, pork, beef, shrimp, or anything you like!  Along with the variety of fillings, these modern “touristy” enchiladas are also saturated in red sauce and melted cheese.  These enchiladas are generally soft and limp from the dressings opposed to the crunchy traditional enchiladas.  They have become a staple of TexMex food.  Being drenched in ‘red sauce’ what ever that actually is and stuffed with meat.

There were two methods for preparing enchiladas.  In the first method, tortilla is dipped in a chili sauce that is pre-cooked. Then it is filled with stuffing of one’s choice and rolled.  In the second method, tortilla is first dipped in an un-cooked sauce, then it is fried before filling and rolling.