This [or perhaps May 7th] is also considered by some National Homebrew Day.  Since I couldn’t find enough sources saying this was a real holiday I didn’t give it it’s own page.  And since, I wasn’t about to brew my own beer I “homebrewed” my own orange juice.  I bought some delicious Mineola Oranges from the grocery and squeezed them to make great tasting orange juice!

Orange Juice is the official drink of Florida. About 90% of the Florida orange crop is used to make orange juice.  It is one of the top 3 producers of Orange Juice, including Brazil and Mexico.

The vitamin C rich drink wasn’t always a breakfast beverage.  Back in the days before refrigerators,  a surplus of oranges would lead to the destruction of crops.  The oranges couldn’t be juiced because it would only last a day before it would spoil.  In the mid-1910’s 30% of the Orange growers farm were destroyed due to over production.  Shortly after however, pasteurization was discovered and citrus juices could be pasteurized to store longer, and shipped across long distances on the transcontinental railway.   And this is when Orange Juice was first mass produced and mass marketed. Before this time, if you wanted a glass of OJ you squeezed it yourself in your house.

Orange Juice eventually came to replace the British custom of having stewed fruit with breakfast.

Early Spanish explorers planted the first orange trees in America in the 1500s.