Very fitting to share a day with Oatmeal Cookies since the two are paired together so well.

Raisins are a delicious snack that go back thousands of years to around 2000BC.  Raisins are dried grapes, and during the time of 2000 BC ancient civilizations in Egypt and Persia grapes would be left to dry out in the sun making the healthy and sweet snack.  Raisins were highly prized by many cultures, the Romans even used them as currency for a while and as prizes for sporting events.

Today, half the world’s supply of raisins grow in California.  Fresno, California was named the “Raisin Capitol of the World”.  In 1873, when a heat wave destroyed many California grape vines, one grower began to capitalize on the commercial sale of raisins.  Selling his ruined grapes, calling them a Peruvian Delicacy.

Few know that raisins were also a large part of The Triangular Trade in early colonial times.  Along with sugar, rum, and slaves  Raisins played a large roll in sales.