Perfect holiday for a day so close to Easter.

Many say Jelly Beans are a descendant of turkish delight.

Jelly Beans have been around longer than one may expect, they were a popular item during the Civil War for soldiers. By the 1900’s they were a popular penny candy and perhaps the first candy to be sold by weight in bulk.  Jelly Beans became and Easter tradition during the 1930’s.

With companies like Jelly Belly, Jelly Beans have become creative candies that can be found in almost any flavor including the odd black pepper, grass, and even sardine.

Perhaps the most famous Jelly Bean lover was President Ronald Regan who was known to keep a jar of Jelly Beans in the Oval Office.

Apparently Good Friday is also the day in which people consume Hot Cross Buns.  The official ‘National Hot Cross Bun Day’ is in September for some reason, but I had one today because some people call Good Friday Hot Cross Bun Day.  I was always under the impression Hot Cross Bun Day was Palm Sunday, but who knows.  ?