Amaretto is an almond flavored Italian liquor.  It is flavoured with apricot kernal oil, burnt sugar, and spices.  The word amaretto means slightly bitter, but in my opinion that is a misnomer bc the alcohol was very sweet tasting to me.

Amaretto was created in Italy during the 16th century in Saronno Italy (Disaronno is a very popular brand of amaretto).The Lazzaroni family (Ive also heard a Disaronno Family) claims to be the inventor or amaretto.  According to family legend, artist Bernadino Luini traveled to Saronno in northern Italy to paint. While he was there, he met a beautiful widow whom he asked to be the model for one of his paintings. She expressed her gratification towards him by presenting him with the first amaretto drink ever.

Amaretto arrived in the United States during the 1960’s.  By the 1980’s it was the number 2 liquor in America [after Kahlua].

I enjoyed a delicious Amaretto on the rocks for today’s holiday served to me by the lovely waitress April Small on her birthday!