Cheeseballs are either a soft cheese or a mixture of cheeses made of the cheeses, and seasonings and sauces such as garlic, sherry, olives, pepper, Tabasco, or Worcestershire.  It is then rolled in a ball and rolled to be coated in nuts or dried fruit.  Apparently one of those things people stay away form at a dinner party like the fruitcake.  But I guess they go way back in history – I could see it at a fancy English dinner with guests in wide-hipped dresses and tall wigs.

On July 20, 1801 Elisha Brown Jr pressed a 1,235 lb cheeseball at his farm and presented it to President Thomas Jefferson.

Cheeseballs could also be a bright orange baked snack food that are impossible to stop eating once you had one.  Allegedly they are the snack version of orange spreadable cheeseballs from dinner parties.  Although I cant say for sure if that’s what UTZ was thinking when they were created.