Also listed some places as ‘National Glazed Ham Day’.  A glazed ham is a ham that has been glazed with sweet or tangy flavors (honey, maple syrup, molasses, brown sugar, mustard.) and sauces while cooked.  A spiral ham refers to how the ham is cut.  Spiral ham is sliced in a circular motion around the bone, so it can easily be served.  Glazed ham was a very popular meal in the 1940’s, and it is tradition to eat ham this time of year [Easter].

I was tempted to go out and by a spiral cut ham from the store and glaze it and eat it.  Perhaps if I found a very small ham I would have, but that endeavor for just one person seemed like a bit much – even for me.  These were the spiral cut hams in the grocery store:

Instead I just ordered some maple glazed ham.  I was going to make a sandwich, but I wound up just eating some ham slices as a snack-lunch.  I deemed this acceptable since spiral is the cut, and although that IS important, a lot of places refer to today as just glazed ham day.