I could have easily made my own Chocolate Mousee at home today.  I’m not a big chocolate fan, but when you do it from scratch it actually has a good taste.  To save time, and since I have been cooking a lot recently, i decided to just get a cup of Mousse from the bakery.  I got Chocolate, featured here:

And a cupcake topped with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry mousse not featured.

French chefs have been cooking with chocolate since the early 17th century after it was introduced by the Spanish.  Mousse, meaning ‘foam’ in French came about in the 18th century.  When mousse first originated it was used in savory dishes and not as a dessert.  But, obviously chocolate can be and should be paired with everything, so it was only a matter of time before they got mixed together.  In the early 1900’s Toulouse Lautrec first paired chocolate with the foamy recipe.  The standard ingredients for Chocolate Mousse are  egg whites, egg yolks, chocolate, sugar, butter, and sometimes cream.  The key ingredient here being egg whites which allow for the light, airy, and ‘foamy’ texture of the dessert.  Chocolate is the most popular type of mousse, and fine dark chocolate is always used.  The sugar is added to cut the bitterness of the dark chocolate and sweeten the dish.  Cream is added for a lighter consistency, and also to cut the dark chocolate.  Usually cream is added when a milk chocolate mousse flavour is wished to be obtained opposed to a dark chocolate flavour.  The butter and egg yolks are also not always used to a mousse recipe, but they add the heavy rich flavor to mousse which makes it so decadent and makes you so full after eating it.