Clams in a Half Shell are typically eaten raw, served on ice.  I wasn’t about to try that today.  I found a nice baked Clam on a Half Shell recipe with breadcrumb, garlic, and parsley.

Littleneck clams and cherrystone clams are two popular clams for preparing at home.  Clams can be very difficult to ‘shuck’ (open).  You need to properly hold the clam between your palm and fingers while jiggling in a clam knife.  Steaming the clam quickly will also open the shell up, but be careful because this might impede on your half shell recipe.

Clams are animals, they half a foot, a mouth, and a tongue basically.  They live to feed and reproduce, they are not very complex animals.  They have muscles and a digestive system.  No nervous system or brain.  People have been eating them for ages.  Civilization grew in areas near water, and plants and animals dwelling in water have always been on the menu.