The Turkey Neck it a part of the turkey with tough dark meat.  It’s hard to prepare, but it makes for the perfect soup stock.  Turkey Neck Soup is American in origin, and it was a soup made by lower classes.  It comes from the idea: ‘Less than weathy, Less than wasteful’.  Meaning, perhaps you wouldn’t want to have Turkey Neck soup, but when you’re not exactly wealthy you use everything you have.  Fortunately for the poor Turkey Necks give the soup an unbeatable flavor, the wealthy class didn’t know what they were missing!

The Turkey Neck actually has a lot of meat on it, it is just very very tough meat.  This means making soup from the Turkey Neck is a very time consuming effort.  You must boil the Turkey Necks for a long time for the fat and flavor to come out and tenderize the dark meat on the neck, until it begins to flake off and enter the soup.  You boil/simmer the Necks for two hours, then shred some of the meat off the bone, then add veggies, beans, rice, or what ever it is you want.  Let the soup cook for an hour or more to give it a good flavor, and then when you take it off heat you can even let it sit, covered, for a while before serving.

In my soup I added potatoes, mushrooms, celery, carrots, parsnips, bell pepper, tomato, turnips, bockchoy, fresh green beans, peas, onion, white beans, garlic, and I seasoned it with ginger, bay leaf, red pepper, paprika, thyme, tumeric, and a dash of corriander.  It was delicious!  And it is healthy for you.  A lot of cancer fighting soups use a turkey stock base, and a lot of health-conscious Chinese recipes have grown to use the Turkey Necks for a soup stock.

It can be difficult to find Turkey Necks in your supermarket depending on where you live.  But Shadeybrook Farms is a popular distributor or if you’re out of luck, you can always ask the butcher ahead of time.