There are two German restaurants in my area.  I thought I would go out for a slice of cake with my friend and have a nice afternoon.  Alas, BOTH German places were closed.  I wasn’t sure if it was a typical thing?  I know back in the day it was common for a restaurant to be closed on a Monday, but this is 2011 where people live in constant demand.  So with no luck of sharing a well made authentic piece of Cake from the Black Forest Cafe, we managed to buy the last available Black Forest Cake from the bakery.  (Black Forest was a hot, rare item today it seems!  People must have known about the holiday).

It only seemed perfect to go on a picnic of sorts, where my friend Liz and I munch on the cake,whole, in the park.  It was a celebratorious snack and gathering!  We were even stopped by some man who told us he thought we were the greatest people he saw all month.  But enough about me, and more about the history of this cake:

The cake originated in Germany’s Black Forest region in the late 16th-century.  This was the time when people began to bake chocolate into cakes, and the idea seemed like a flavor revolution.  Chocolate as a flavor became extremely popular.  The Black Forest Cake, or Schwarzwalderkirschtorte as it is known in Germany, is a light chocolate cake layered with cherries and whipped cream flavored with kirschwasser, a cherry schnapps.  The Black Forest region is famous for theri sour cherries, and the dessert kind of resembles the traditional clothing wore by the woman of this regions.  A black dress with a white blouse decorated with red pom poms.