Nougat is a simple aerated confection.  It consists of egg whites, sugar/honey, and nuts.  Nuts are mixed with a sugar paste to either make a chewy or brittle nougat, and then dried.  It originated in Mediterranean countries, and the word Nougat means ‘sweetmeat of almonds and other nuts.’

Nougat is thousands of years old, and hails from many parts of the world being eaten in Europe, The Middle East, and Eastern and Southern Aisa.  It is thought to have originated in Rome, and go by the name of Torrone there.  Historians are unsure of weather it spread to these other areas, or if they independently developed them at different times.

Nougat is a traditionall Christmas Eve dessert in Italy, one of ‘The 13 Desserts.’.

I was unfamiliar with this name: Montelimar, until today.  However, I hear that nougat and Montelimar are apparently inseparable.  I believe Montelimar is a province in France that specializes in Nougat production.  Nougat in Montelimar must contain at least 30% almonds or 28% almonds and 2% pistachios.  The guidelines also specify Nougat must be 25% honey. – Although there are many types of Nougat, and many regions produce Nougat, Montelimar is the most popular distributor.   (some connoisseurs say since Montelimar has become such a leading producer of Nougat its quality has suffered and it is not the best Nougat to purchase.)