I love Chocolate Covered Raisins!  Today is a great combo of food holidays for me (or so I thought with my mis-celebration of waffles).  In fact Raisinets are my all in all favorite candy!

Raisins are dried grapes.  Many companies and manufactures make Chocolate Covered Raisins.  The number one leading brand has to be Raisinets for sure though. Raisinets first went on sale in 1927 by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company (a family-owned Philadelphia based company, and were bought by Nestle in 1984.  Their biggest US competitor is Sun Maid Chocolate Covered Raisins.  But in my opinion it’s one of those brands that have defined a product like Xerox, Kleenex, Band Aid, or Velcro.  Chocolate Covered Raisins are synonymous with Raisinets.

Candy blogs on the internet say that Mike Blumenthal, family member of the Blumenthal Chocolate Company family buisiness plans to write up a full history of where Raisinets and their other famous candies (Sno caps and Goobers) came from.  But until I don’t have any particular history other than how could covering raisins in chocolate not be a good idea?

I love the old wrapper, so I posted this picture from the internet opposed to the movie-style box I had today in celebration.  [Raisinets are the number one movie candy.]