Melba Toast is very thin-sliced bread toasted, cut in half and then toasted again until its dark and crispy.

The toast was created by Georges Auguste Escoffier (the same creator of Peach Melba, and Pears Helene).  While Escoffier was the chef as Savoy in London he created the toast for his friend (and manager of Savoy, Cesar Ritz) ‘s wife Marie.  Marie complained toast was never thin enough for her.  Escoffier in return created the brittle, thin Melba Toast for her.  The toast may have gone by another name at this point, but in 1897 opera singer Nellie Melba was staying in Savoy and on a diet that consisted only of toast.  It was there and then when she was served Escoffier’s ‘Toast Marie” and she loved it!  The toast was renamed in her honour.  Escoffier was a fan of Dame Melba, and had name his dessert Peach Melba which was presented to her a few years earlier.

I had my melba toast with some sharp Black Diamond cheddar cheese for a nice snack!