Technically I guess this wouldn’t be classified as a “food” holiday.  More of an awareness for the environment type of day.  But Water is also food and drink, so I felt I should mention it.  Also I love the environment so why not cross-promote awareness!  Water is the most basic requirement for life, and there for the most powerful thing on the planet.  It gives life, allows things to grow, destroys live and creates damage.  Its serene and peaceful, and loud and temperamental.  If you ask me water is pretty cool, and deserves a day of recognition for any of its capabilities.

World Water Day was created in 1992 to raise international awareness of water quality.  Its goal was to shine a light on the poor levels of water quality around the globe, and raise the importance of legislation and effort on this issues to a level of importance as all other issues.  It was created at a United Nations on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.  Each year on this day a World Water Forum is held to promote awareness and educate people on issues associated with access to safe water.  The theme of this year’s forum was “Water for Cities”  more can be learned about it at:

The total amount of water on the planet comes to around 1.4 billion km3, but only 2.5 percent of that amount is drinkable freshwater. Around 70 percent of freshwater is frozen in icecaps and snowy mountainous regions, while about 30 percent is ground water. Only about 0.3 percent of the Earth’s freshwater supply comes from lakes and rivers.

Water is also one of the most basic ingredients, and nearly (if not all) these recipes, foods, and meals I’ve eaten this year have or relay on water.  So as we drink a celebratory glass of water today think how fortunate we are its clean and healthy!