California is The United States’ largest producer of Strawberries.  There are over 700 different growers, and 20,000 acres of Strawberry Fields.  Fields begin in San Diego California and extend northward along the coast.  Ripening season begins in January for San Diego, and moves north with the warming spring temperatures.  The peak time for ripeness is April and May when both areas ripening seasons overlap.  During this time over 9 million Strawberries can be picked in a day.  California produces 83% of the nation’s strawberries, providing almost a year-round supply.  During the winter months, if the crop runs short the next largest producer for the US comes from Chile.  Nationally it comes from Florida.  Local [to me] popular producers come from Long Island, NY.

Strawberries are a healthy ‘fruit’ very high in antioxidants.  The term fruit or berry is actually a misnomer.  The Strawberry is actually the plant’s stamen.  For more information on Strawberries in general see February 27th’s post for National Strawberry Day.

The average Strawberry has 200 seeds covering its outside.

On average a person consumes 3.1 pounds of Strawberries a year.