I’ve heard all different dates for this one, I think it is just commonly drank during lent.  I’m going with the 20th since I found a majority of sources claiming this day. A close second was March 16th.

Bock Beer begins in a small city in Germany called Einbeck.  Einbeck is home to the Einbecker brewery, and goes back all the way to the Middle Ages.  the brewery’s slogan is, “Without Einbeck, there would be no Bock Beer.”  Einbeck is located right within the prime hop producing region of Europe.  When hops first started replacing herbs in beer making, Einbeck had the upper hand with its location allowing it to get on the map and become a notable brewery.  After a fire that burned down the brewery, the secrets of Einbecker were transported to breweries in Munich.  This is where the term ‘Bock’ was developed.  The style of the beer from Einbeck coupled with Bavarian brewing traditions and now being produced in Munich, was a very dark, strong, rich beer known as Bock Beer.

The monks of Munich sustained themselves on protein and carbohydrate rich Bock Beers, during their Lenten and Advent fasts.  This type was considered a “doublebock”.  There are also other variations of Bock- the ‘hellesbock’, a dark bock. And the Maibock is a seasonal bock (mai=May), this one is a bit spicer.

I was in the city today, and stopped in Rub BBQ for the Shiner Bock they carry.