Corndog Day is the first day of March Madness. The men’s college basketball tournament.  I found out about this holiday at 11:59 PM today.  Making it too late to celebrate.  But since its a holiday with a changing date, and its more associated with a sport – I figure I’ll eat a corndog when I watch MY OWN first game of March madness this season.

National Corndog Day has been celebrated since 1992 and you can find more info and history about it here:

I found a few places in NYC that specialized in making their own corndogs that looks pretty delicious, and i was hoping to try them.  But I stuck to my celebration ways and waited until I caught some Basketball.  I was hoping not to resort to Nathan’s, but it seemed almost destined today as I accidentally turned on the TV and saw some replays from last nights game so i knew today was the day.  Later on I drove past an opening of a new Nathan’s and that sealed the deal.  I went through the drive through and had my corndog – not half bad either.

Online sources claim that Carl and Neil Fletcher invented the corny dog (what they are referring to in Texas) at the Texas State Fair in 1942.  There are other claims however of Corndogs at the Minnesota State fair which were invented independently.  Who knows!?