A torte is much like a cake or sometimes cookie made primarily with ground nuts instead of flour.  The main ingredients are nuts, sugar, and egg whites.  A torte is a layered cake with rich frostings or creams served with fruit.   Or like Lindzertorte a type of cookie made with nuts and jam.

The word and baked good hails from Central Europe.

People often through the word around lightly, using it to describe many types of cakes and desserts looking like a torte with thin layers and frosting.  A few famous tortes include the Austrian Sacher torte, Lindzertorte, and the Dobos Torte.

Coconut is just one of the many variations of the torte over history.  Coconuts are native to South Asia, Polynesia, and tropical climates, so it was definitely a later addition to the torte recipe.  The Coconut Torte I made was less traditional, it was made of ground walnuts, egg whites and sugar and just had a topping of sugar and coconut instead of a creamy frosting.