To celebrate today I had French Fries, what may have been the tastiest Baked Potato I’ve ever had in my life, and a mashed potato mush that consisted of Yukon Gold Potatoes with Garlic, Onions, Okra, Green beans, chopped meat, pepper jack, and random spices that smelled good.  (Chives, Ghramm masala, thyme, sage, basil, pepper, and coriander I believe?)

Potatoes originated in the Andes mountains of South America.  Potatoes never came to contact with the western world until the late 1530’s when conquistadors entered South America, an the tuber wasn’t brought back to Europe until 1570.  A potato comes from a family of poisonous plants and if left out in the sun too long the root itself can make you sick.  Europeans didn’t give much care to the vegetable, and it was considered a food for the lower classes.

Potatoes are a hearty base to any meal and have a lot of agricultural benefits.