Soup is pretty much the oldest meal.  You mix anything that is available in a pot and boil it, it’s pretty straight forward.  Watery gruel and grain pastes or meals are the oldest forms of soup.  These recipes later evolved into broths and porridge.  Adding grains and cereals to water allow the water to thicken as it boils which creates the soup.

Boiling vegetables and meats was a simpler and faster way to cook them then broiling or roasting etc.

Soups were served in the first restaurants.  Soup was also one of the first dehydrated foods, which made it easily portable on long journeys.  It was reconstituted with water and heated.

Our homemade soup consisted of chicken broth, farro, lentils, chicken, meat balls, carrots, celery, onion, leeks, pepper, cabbage, mushrooms, and more.