I’ve been wanting to make a grand Chocolate Cake for quite sometime.  It was huge and beautiful, and quite unessential for having no real occasion except a holiday… but it was fulfilling.   Here is my Chocolate Cake I am oh so proud of, and ate while watching tonight’s NBC Comedies:

Cake is a flour confection sweetened with sugar or other sweetener, and sometimes mixed with eggs.  Cakes and baked good in molded shapes have been around since at least the 17th century.  In the mid 1800’s baking soda and powder were created with allowed to make quick rising cakes.  Chocolate Cake came about in the 18th century, when chocolate was mass produced and became available in 1765 as a more popular flavoring in baking and cooking. In 1764 Dr. James Baker made chocolate by grinding cocoa beans.  In 1879, the process known as conching made chocolate silkier and smoother so it could be mixed into cake batters.  Before this, chocolate was mostly only used in drinks.  In the 1930’s Chocolate Cake became a popular flavor for boxed cake mixes.  In the 1980’s Chocolate Cake became one of the most popular cakes in America, you could count on it to be served at almost any birthday party.  The decadent Chocolate Cakes of the 1980’s led to fancy over the top Molten Lava Cakes of the 1990’s with interesting and unusual flavors added.

Chocolate Cake is very versatile, can be moist and fudgey, or dry light and cakey.  Iced, filled, flourless, you name it.   Currently one of the most popular cake flavors!