This I thought was weird-  No matter where I looked it up, I kept getting the same info.  National Granola Bar Day can be celebrated Jan. 20th or 21st.  Since there was a lot going on yesterday I published it under the 21, but I’m celebrating half and half. – I can’t think of a day where my house wasn’t stocked with a Costco sized box of Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bars.  So much so that I’ve even grown to detest them, just because they were always  available and the only “acceptable” substitute to junk food growing up in my house.  Yet somehow, on National Granola Bar Day(s), it happens to be the only day my house has ever gone with out them in the cabinet. – They would have been perfect with 2 bars in each package I could have eaten them over the course of two days. Also, because its what I most readily associate with granola bars, but alas!  I’m eating half a weird peanut granola bar, which is what was in the house instead, each day instead.

Granola Bars consist of Oats, a sweetner (which also binds everything together), and mix-ins such as other grains or nuts or even candies or flavors.  Granola is a breakfast cereal that has been around since the late 19th century.  Granola is baked oats, honey, fruit, spices (cinnamon), and nuts… or any combination of those.  When originally eaten it was in the shape of heavy nuggets, that one could eat on their own, or with milk for breakfast.  It differed from muesli by the fact that it is cooked.  Granula (later called Granola) was the worlds first dried manufactured breakfast cereal in 1863.  As time went on the popularity of granola decreased until the 1960’s when it became greatly associated with hippies and the ‘Health Food Movement’.

Finally in the mid 1970’s the Granola Bar was born.  It is disputed weather Stanley Mason or Herrick Kimball was the first to come up with the idea of compressing granola into shapes for easy portability.  Granola, with a little more honey or sweetener added to hold it together, was pressed into shapes or bars and baked.  Thus giving you an easy to eat portable cereal, or Granola Bar.  Chewy Granola bars are baked for less time.  Eventually many cereal bars came to exist with all different flavors and add-ins.